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  • Variable speed fan - to be used with ENERGY-FIT VS16 speed controler only
  • AC Motor - Designed to run direct on your grid, inverter or generator system
  • Cubic feet per minute (CFM) output per watt, unmatched in industry
  • Highest quality materials available creates unparalleled efficiency and reliability with all parts replaceable and/or serviceable 

CAUTION: For variable speed control use Snap-Fan's VS16 only - other speed controlers do not work with Snap-Fan Energy-Fit AC motors and will result in damage. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. 

Why Horizotial Air Flow? 
  • Uniform temperature within greenhouse
  • Reduces incidences of foliar disease
  • Air Stratification practically eliminated
  • Humidity within the plant canopy is reduced
  • The moving air removes moisture resulting in a drier microclimate
  • Cooler plants transpire less resulting in reduced water consumption  

  Technical Details (Downloadable PDFs)

How many do you need? It is recommended to place one 20" HAF 10-15 feet from end wall and then every 40-50 feet along each side wall. Please check out this info sheet for example layouts


SKU: 2518VS
Price: $720.00
Exploded Diagram: 

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