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  • Energy-Fit Variable Speed Snap-Fans can be operated with any anaolg 0-10v or PWM Speed Control, such as the ENERGY-FIT VS16 speed controler 
  • 2 speed or fully variable speed
  • AC Motor - Designed to run direct on your grid, inverter or generator system
  • Cubic feet per minute (CFM) output per watt, unmatched in industry
  • Highest quality materials available creates unparalleled efficiency and reliability with all parts replaceable and/or serviceable 

CAUTION: Vary fan speed only with 0-10v or PWM signal. Do not use controllers such as but not limited to VFD, TRIAC, etc. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. 

Why Horizotial Air Flow? 
  • Uniform temperature within greenhouse
  • Reduces incidences of foliar disease
  • Air Stratification practically eliminated
  • Humidity within the plant canopy is reduced
  • The moving air removes moisture resulting in a drier microclimate
  • Cooler plants transpire less resulting in reduced water consumption
  • More infomation at umass.edu  

  Technical Details (Downloadable PDFs)

How many do you need? It is recommended to place one 20" HAF 10-15 feet from end wall and then every 40-50 feet along each side wall. Please check out this info sheet for example layouts


SKU: 2518VS
Price: $720.00
Exploded Diagram: 
greenhouse cannabis grow circulation fans

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