12" BLDC Snap-Fan Solar Kit

Fri, 01/05/2018 - 13:11 -- Eden

The 12" Brushless DC Snap-Fan Solar Fan Kit includes everything you need to get your ventilation system started. With the easy snap together MC connectors there's no splicing wire, making installation a BREEZE! 

Recommended for small greenhouse sizes 6' x 8' x 8' up to 8' x 12' x 9'. Giving your greenhouse one air exchange per minute for optimum plant health and growth.

Before purchase, please review fan installation instruction manuals

Kit includes:

12" BLDC Snap-Fan: Solar Fan with intake guard

50 watt Solar Panel

MC4 Connectors and Fuse

10 ft of Solar PV cable 

Solar Panel Platform Mounting Hardware

Our engineers have designed this system to create a simple, easy to install and use solar ventilation system. Snap-Fan solar DC ventilation fans wire directly to the solar panel. No need for batteries or charge controllers. Simply mount your Snap-Fan and solar panel in the desired location, run the solar PV cable and snap the MC connectors together. The fans speed will vary depending on the amount of power being produced by the solar panel. In full sun the fan receives a high amount of power from the solar panel, giving your greenhouse the full cooling effect. If a cloud blocks the light from the sun, the fan will slow down but your greenhouse will also be in the shade therefore not needing as much cooling. Make the sun work for you!

Check out the fan in action: example photos

Keep the warm air inside for the winter and protect your fan; we recommend using a shutter


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greenhouse fan solar fan kit components

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