Snap-Fan info

Greenhouse Fan Spec Sheet
 Technical Specifications 
 Performance and technical characteristics
 of all Snap-Fans and Multifans



Greenhouse ventilation information The best place to begin! 
 Calculate ventilation requirements for
 different structure types and sizes
 including buildings, attics and greenhouses



fan airflow for greenhouse ventilation Still wanting more info on airflow?
 Airflow recommendations including
 infomation on air exchange
 and static pressure



circulation fan greenhouse ventilation and fan placement Once you know how many fans you need- check this out!
 Fan placement and greenhouse layouts
 for optimal airflow and circulation




snap-fan install

 It all comes together here
 Snap-Fan installation guide including care,
 mounting and basic wiring recommendations




brush replacement guide
 Keep your DC Snap-Fans going strong
 Snap-Fan DC brush replacement instrucions
 for the 12", 16", 20" and 24" Snap-Fans