Smart-Fan: Intelligent Free Air Cooling for Wireless Sites

smart-fan is an electronically controlled ventilation product consisting of a high efficiency brushless DC fan and a digital control device. It also incorperates other ancillary components.  

Application: Wireless cell site

With its innovative design, smart fan makes it possible for a technician to monitor equipment performance remotely. The technician has the ability to make adjustments while being able to take advantage of free air outside, decreasing air conditioning usage by 50% (when averaged across 77% of U.S. climates).

Snap-Fan is always looking for innovative solutions to modern cooling problems. That’s the fun part of our job!

smart-fan uses the free cool air from outside the building without the restrictions of air conditioners in economizer mode. The air is pulled through a heavy-duty filtration system, creating a cool, clean internal enviroment while reducing energy costs and the user's carbon footpring. Smart-Fan is as good for the pocket book as it is for the environment: We develop real solutions not band-aids!


Virtual Application

smart fan neg air

smart fan pos air



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This is an industrial/commerical product. Please contact us direct with questions on pricing tiers. We will work diligently with you and your local utilities company to see what rebates and/or incentives are available to you.