Rehnu: A Solar Revolution


Snap-Fan is proud to work with REhnu in Arizona to help produce utility-scale solar electricity at the lowest cost possible. Combining Snap-Fan's efficient application for solar ventilation/cooling with REhnu's ability to focus sunlight on highly efficient photovoltaic cells has created a revolutionary method for harnessing renewable energy.

RehnuWith technology similar to that used building parts of some of the world's largest telescopes, glass mirrors are used to focus highly concentrated sunlight onto a ball lens which then spreads the sunlight evenly over photovoltaic cells. As this tremendous amount of energy is being harnessed, it is necessary for the accompanying heat to be removed almost instantly to avoid destroying the surrounding equipment. Powered by the same solar energy that is being harnessed, the attached Snap Fans remove and dissipate the excess heat as quickly as it arrives.

The combination of REhnu's groundbreaking technology with Snap-Fan's patented solar direct ventilation technology promises a new and efficient method for creating sustainable and renewable solar electricity worldwide with zero carbon dioxide emissions.             

TEDxTucson - Dave Follette - Solar Energy At The Gigawatt Scale


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