Hydroponics in Honduras

Worldwide Heart to Heart Children's Village 

Located in Tegucigalpita in Cortes, Honduras, Worldwide Heart to Heart Children's Village has a garden which feeds 187 people in the poorest country in Central America. Their garden however, is no ordinary garden. The 72' x 22' indoor aquaponic garden is completely sustainable and raises fish, fruits and vegetables in a Girl Plantingsymbiotic and organic closed system.

Growing plants in a 1584 square foot structure in the sweltering Central American heat presents many challenges to the farmer. With the high temperatures of Honduras, the climate inside the garden must be controlled as much as possible for healthy plant growth. To that end, heat must be removed as quickly as possible during the daylight hours. The project needed a ventilation fan that was not only efficient functionally as well as economically, but one that could also operate off-grid. Snap-Fan was the perfect fit. 

Using a couple of 24" snap-fans, Worldwide Heart to Heart Children's Village now has efficient ventilation in the garden operating strictly on solar power. The only energy needed to run the snap-fans is a renewable source that Honduras has in abundance: sunlight. With a properly ventilated garden, the plants can grow and the tilapia can swim, all working together to provide a functional and sustainable garden for the children to  have a consistent source of nutrition. 

The children of Tegucigalpita have had enough challenges dealt to them but thanks to Snap-Fan's help, ventilation isn't one of them.

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Heart to Heart Aquaponics Project