Off-the-grid Greenhouse System

The Expanding World of Sustainable Crop Production

Snap-Fan installed two of its custom built 50 inch belt-driven solar exhaust fans and two 24 inch HAF fans at the Kacira Lab at the University of Arizona. Snap-Fan's highly efficient design and its optimal ability to perform off grid, takes care of ventilating the Kacira Lab's large agricultural greenhouses using only solar power so that they can focus on the many other aspects of this controlled environment.

With their focused work on developing proper climate control strategies, the Kacira Lab aims to understand all of the complex phenomena within a controlled environment. Without the understanding or the ability to maintain suitable consistent conditions within a greenhouse, the quality, quantity, and uniformity of production are at risk.

The Kacira Lab develops and works with Computational Fluid Dynamics to understand aerodynamics in the greenhouse, but that's not all. They also focus on improving climate uniformity, developing advanced climate control algorithms to optimize resource use efficiency, and designing computer vision guided systems which monitor crop health and growth in real time.

With no shortage of tasks demanding their attention, the Kacira Lab doesn't have the time to wonder whether their ventilation system will work, or work well off-grid.

That's where Snap-Fan steps in. Snap-Fan not only provides the Kacira Lab with efficient ventilation, but ventilation that is powered by sustainable and renewable solar energy. Snap-Fan makes ventilation not only possible, but easy. That way the Kacira Lab can focus their attention where it needs to be, on the rapidly expanding world of sustainable crop production.