20 inch Multifan Basket Recirculation Fan 230v

multifan greenhouse recirculation basket fan230 volt     60 Hz     6100 CFM     2.0 Amps     

Basket Fans from Multifan are in many cases an ideal solution. Because of the wide range of sizes and variable speed capacity, these fans can be applied in difference building structures and under a variety of circumstances:

  • Circulation of cool air improves working climate
  • Works well in combination with exhaust fans in order to refresh the air constantly
  • Can be placed in wet conditions and with aggressive fumes present
Multifan Axail Fan Facts:
  • Applied materials meet the standard of Insulation Class "F"
  • Direct drive, TEAO electric motors
  • Corrosion resistant materials used
  • The windings are provided with 3 insulation layers
  • Operating temperature range negative 13 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • All fans meet IP55 and UL 507 standard
  • 3 year warranty on Multifan motors
  • High Powered
  • All parts can be recycled
  • Low level of maintenance and long life cycle
  • Different varieties and mounting positions
  • Low noise level

Technical Details (Downloadable PDFs)


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